List of Upcoming Sales

Please come to our next sale:

These are tentative until they are posted on our home page.
March 20-2l  1133 Hancock Dr., 303061
March 27-28  4400 Garmon Rd., N.E. 30327
April 10-11  1794 N. Akin Dr., Atlanta 30345.


Ann’s new book, “Tales from Estate Sales,” is available at the estate sales.

Details on upcoming sales are coming soon!

Check here each week for news of our latest estate sales.

Please do not contact us after a sale has closed asking if you can purchase a product you saw there. If you want something you see at a sale but do not want to pay the asking price, leave a bid. If the item does not sell, we will accept the highest bid as long as the owner approves it. If your bid is accepted, we will call you. Once a sale has ended at 4 p.m. on Saturday, that estate sale has closed.

  1. Liz’s avatar

    Already on e-mail list!!!
    Ann, are you autographing/signing???
    Think I will have to purchase since I am a LONG TIME follower!
    Now I am not saying I am old!

  2. Herb Kossover’s avatar

    Have been following your sales and will be coming on Saturday, I represent myself and various films that are shooting currently or about to start pre-production.


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